Key West RnR Event 2022

DEADLINE TO APPLY: 5 August, 2022

Selecting 5 families. Our 10th Annual 2022 Key West Event dates start on Sunday, 11 September 2022 in Ft. Myers and returns Friday, 16 September 2022 and will be hosted at the Sunset Key Guest Cottages in Key West, Florida.

To submit a selection form for our 2022 Key West Recovery Vacation Event, please fill in the online form below and submit it online.

The submission deadline is 5pm on 5 August 2022. Selected families will be notified via email after 19 August 2022 to the email on their selection form.

You are qualified to submit a Selection Form for this event if you meet the qualifying deployment requirement below:

If the active service member has returned from a deployment to Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Africa, SW Asia or any other hostile overseas AOR deployment of 4 months or longer or are returning from a 12 month oversea remote deployment within 180 days of the start date of the RnR vacation OR service member has orders to leave on a qualifying deployment within 90 days from the end date of the RnR vacation.

If selected: You and your family will receive a 7 day/6 nights RnR Recovery Vacation, with one night at a local Ft. Myers hotel and then 4 nights at the Sunset Key Guest Cottages in Key West. Your recovery vacation starts in Ft. Myers on Sunday, 11 September 2022 then 5 days / 4 nights at the Sunset Key Guests Cottages with your final departure from Key West back to Ft. Myers on Friday,16 September 2022. An additional night in Ft. Myers Florida can be provided if needed.

Our 2022 Key West Recovery Vacations will be hosted at the Sunset Key Guest Cottages in Key West. Each selected family will be assigned a Ft. Myers hotel and a cottage in Key West upon being selected and notified by email on 19 August 2022*.

Each family will also receive the following during their stay at no cost:

1 night hotel accommodation in Ft. Myers, prior to cruise down to Key West on 9/11/22.

A Key West Express cruise to and from Key West from Ft. Myers

4 nights of hotel accommodations at the Sunset Key Guest Cottages in Key West

Complimentary Spa Treatment at the Sunset Key Guest Cottages Resort

Welcome Reception & Dinner on Tuesday night to meet all the other selected families

Daily Breakfast at Resort

One Poolside Lunch at the Resort

A Dinner at the Resort's Signature Restaurant - Latitudes

A Fury Snorkel Cruise with the other selected families*

Fury Adventure's water excursion of your choice*

Coupons for Free admission to all of Historic Tours of America's Museums, Conch Train, Aquariums*

**The selected families will need to provide their own transportation to and from Ft. Myers for their RnR recovery vacation. Free parking and luggage fees at the Ft. Myers port will be provided by Key West Express during your stay in Key West. *All food coupons, admissions and excursions are subject to change.

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I understand that travel expenses to & from resort is NOT provided & that it is my responsibility to provide transportation to and from the resort for me and my family.


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